"Before I write about my experience with Myofascial Release (MFR) therapy, I want to start with Lauren as a massage therapist.  She is simply the best massage therapist I've ever worked with. She is skilled, thorough and such a kind spirit - I'm so happy she was recommended to me by a coworker when I'd tried several others in the area. 

With regard to MFR, I will let you know that I'm a natural born skeptic.  Had it not been for my great experience with Lauren to date, I'm not sure I would have believed how great it is or been willing to try it out.  We started with a few specific areas and now I'm sold on MFR every time I come in for therapy.  I will warn you, it's different and subtle when you start out.  You may even find yourself in positions you're not used to during a traditional massage, but it's well worth it.  

The best way I can describe the effect during MFR is that it starts with small movement and seems to expand across entire sections of your body.  Lauren's hands were on my side, maybe 8 inches apart but when the movement started it felt like they were like 3 feet apart - almost out of body. What I didn't realize is that Lauren wasn't really moving her hand, my muscles were actually releasing which caused the effect.  Truly spooky and cool all at the same time.

The effects of MFR last much longer than the traditional relaxation I experience after a standard massage.  My posture is better, I sleep better and the little aches and pains simply go away for a couple of weeks.  I'm truly impressed.

--Rob H."

"This is my second rescue from chronic pain by Lauren.  Years ago, when she first started massage therapy, I was referred to her for chronic back and hip pain.  I was specifically interested in her method because she had trained with John Barnes in Arizona.  Lauren treated me with Myofascial Release. Within a short period of time, my pain was gone, after three years of suffering.  I had previously trained and run a Half Marathon and rode a century in Tucson, AZ twice. Sitting at a desk all day was my biggest challenge.  

Now, I am years older and was experiencing severe pain again, unable to sleep and never comfortable.  I remembered how Lauren had helped me and reconnected with her to help me once again.  And that SHE DID!   I had three sessions with her the first week, and I followed her home therapy protocol and already I am 90% free of pain and back on the road to recovery.  MFR is the best therapy I have received. Even though I was a long time client of chiropractic and massage, this is the most effective and direct path to healing I have experienced.   Thank you Lauren.  If you are suffering and think you have no options, call Lauren.  

-R. Dunn"

"I have had a great experience with MFR! I was having terrible pain in my chest from a rib head that had moved out of place. It was very painful when I took a deep breath or moved the wrong way, and getting in and out of bed was excruciating. I was getting minimal relief from chiropractic so I went to see Lauren. While I have always loved getting a massage, the relief was usually temporary. I would feel great for a few days but the aches and pains would always come back. It was totally different with MFR. I had two sessions with Lauren a few days apart which helped tremendously, but I was still feeling some pain (not nearly as bad) if I moved the wrong way. However, over the next few days, my muscles continued to ‘unwind’ and each day I continued to heal. After about five days from my last session, I was no longer in any pain and the issue has not come back. I am now a complete believer in MFR, and while I miss those deep massage sessions, I will continue to seek MFR as my treatment of choice.

Additionally, I work very long hours at a desk and am terrible about getting up and moving around. This has resulted in chronic back and neck pain for years that I treat mostly through chiropractic. Lauren has been great about suggesting ways I can stretch and use other items (yoga strap, Nada chair) to help keep my body aligned properly. Once I finally took her advice, I am amazed at how much better my back feels. I am now able to space out my chiropractic treatment longer between sessions. I highly recommend Lauren and MFR!

-C. Rhue"

"Dear Lauren,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for suggesting that I give Myofascial Release a try.  While initially, it was a leap of faith (which I was happy to do).  After several weeks, I am nothing short of amazed at the results I am seeing.  With each session, my body has "unwound" more and more and muscles that have been bound up tight for ages are now relaxed and flexible.  For example,  I am able to pop my neck which I haven't been able to do in probably 20 years.  My neck is where I have always carried stress; now it is loose and relaxed.  My hips are also loosening up and balancing out.  This "stuff" is incredible.

Thank you so much for your skill, your expertise, your healing and your interest in doing what is best for this "old" body of mine.

Many thanks,

Kathryn S."

"For the past year, I have been dealing with significant lower back (tailbone) issues and neck pain. My chiropractor had been somewhat helpful, but the treatment had not been as effective as I had hoped. A few months ago, I started seeing Lauren Zuk Felker. I wish I had the words to adequately express my gratitude for what Lauren has done for me. After a series of treatments, my pain level has diminished from a 10 (intensive chronic pain) to a 2 (mild pain that is more annoying than anything); and I can easily live with a 2! Needless to say, I feel like a new person.

Lauren used a variety of techniques, such as Myofascial Release, Medicupping therapy, Thai massage, Energetic Healing and Tuning Fork therapy. Each modality that she used helped realign my body and brought me back into balance. I was skeptical at first, but the Myofascial Release was probably the most impactful of the modalities. It almost felt like my body was swaying underwater when in fact, I was barely moving. This technique helped my hips and back unwind and allowed me to feel a sense of stability.

Lauren’s skill set is unmatched in the massage community. Her intuition allowed her to almost sense what my body needed to unwind and readjust. Her work is amazing, and I highly recommend that you allow her to help you on your journey to better health.


Dr. Tammy White"

"Lauren's massages have done so much to relieve the almost constant "computer back" pain so many of us deal with today.  Sessions with Lauren were also very beneficial in assisting to relieve the plantar fasciitis I suddenly encountered. With all this said, Lauren is taking things to a new level with Myofacial Release treatments.  I can literally feel my entire body unwind as the tissue releases. The additional relief in the "computer back" area due to these treatments is immediate and long lasting.  I am thrilled with the benefits I feel from MFR.


"I am a dental hygienist that stays in chronic pain from a physically demanding job. I have seen many different types of massage therapists over the years in search of someone that has the skill set to help relieve my pain without causing me more discomfort that usually lasts a few days after the massage. After the first visit with Lauren, I knew I had found someone with a true gift, and I could tell this was her passion. Lauren took the time to listen to my complaints, but more importantly she focused on what my physical body had to say. From the Myofascial Release technique Lauren used, I could feel my body unwinding without pain. It only took one session of MFR to have me hooked. I will never have to experience another massage that has me breathing through the pain of trying to break up my muscle tension.

--Racheal R."





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